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Is It Safe to Order Motorsport Parts from eBay?

When it comes to buying motorsports parts, accessories, and riding gear like modular helmets, kidney belts, tire accessories, riding suits, battery chargers, and so on, eBay Motors is not the first play people think of. But the eBay site has become an increasingly popular way to buy and sell motorcycle and car parts as well as parts for ATV, UTV, dirt bike, and off-road snow vehicles. It is a vast marketplace where you may or may not have some good luck. But despite the risks, the possible return is high, and it often makes it worth it. 

Serious motorsport parts manufacturers and dealers also use eBay to sell their products, which gives buyers a broader scope of vehicle parts to choose from. On the other hand, eBay sellers get access to an established customer base that’s searching for motorsports parts and is eager to buy.

As a world-known marketplace, eBay is a website providing an easy-to-navigate platform for online buyers and sellers. It’s even available as a mobile app, making it easy to look for daily deals on your smartphone and buy from eBay from virtually anywhere. If you haven’t downloaded the app and considered buying motorsport parts like motorcycle parts from eBay you might be wondering how safe it is to buy from the platform. Should you choose eBay over an auto parts store? Does eBay protect buyers against different kinds of fraud? Take a look at another one of our buyer’s guides to understand how eBay Motors works.

What is eBay Motors?

The section of eBay dedicated to car, SUV, truck, motorsport, and motorcycle buying and selling of accessories, parts, and gear is called eBay Motors. Buying and selling on eBay is a straightforward process – a seller places an item for sale on the marketplace, along with all the details of the motorsports parts. Also, eBay has a handy tool that allows you to filter parts by model, make, price range, distance from you, year, and more. These handy filters will enable you to narrow your searches, whether you’re looking for elbow guards, fuel cans, armored tops, foot controls, helmet accessories, heated gear, and so on. However, you should know that this category of the website operates a bit differently from the rest, and it comes with slightly different fees and rules. To know what you should expect as a buyer, you will need to do your homework.

What is eBay Buyer Protection?

Buyers on the eBay site can have peace of mind and don’t have to worry about dishonest businesses because of the buyer protection program – Vehicle Purchase Protection (VPP). This program helps ensure a smooth transaction and provide buyer’s peace of mind. It stands as eBay’s promise to buyers on their website that their team will intervene in case of a dispute to rectify problems when the motorsport parts seller has failed to act and resolve the dispute. Shoppers that file a successful claim under the Buyer Protection program are usually:

  • Required to return the item to the seller
  • Issued a refund for the full price (including shipping amount)
  • Absolved of any further obligation to the seller or connection with the transaction

This purchase protection system makes it safe to purchase motorsport parts on eBay because, after making a purchase, all buyers on eBay are enrolled in the program automatically. If there are differences in the model, make, or year of the part from those advertised in the seller’s listing, the Buyer Protection program guard buyers against those issues. If a part is not in the expected condition, the buyer may also have recourse under the program.

When are Buyers Covered by Buyer Protection?

Buyers on eBay Motors are eligible for a buyer protection claim if they:

  • Purchased on the eBay website
  • Paid through eBay by making a direct credit card purchase via eBay checkout or using Bill Me Later, PayPal, or another approved payment system
  • Purchased within the 45 days preceding their claim (if you haven’t got or bought an extended warranty from the seller)
  • Made a purchase that’s not explicitly excluded from protection
  • Have a sincere intention to be fair with the seller 

All buyers must be aware that the Buyer Protection is not eBay’s unconditional guarantee refund policy, and there are situations when Buyer Protection does not cover buyers. To win a claim, eBay needs to determine whether the buyer fundamentally didn’t receive the item for which they paid.

  • A product that is generally recognized to be poor in quality and cheap is not likely to be refunded if it malfunctions within the first 45 days.
  • If you bought a product that is substantially the same as other products of the same model or make and was delivered in a timely fashion, eBay will not refund you just because you are dissatisfied with it.
  • If you bought a used brand-name item that was originally a high-quality product, eBay rarely refunds them in case of breakage. They usually rule that the part has experienced normal wear and tear during previous use and that buyers take a risk when buying a used motorsports part.

Why Buyers Shouldn’t Completely Rely on eBay’s Buyers Protection

Instead of getting complacent about motorsports part purchases just because of the Buyers Protection program, buyers should do their research. Overpaying for a part that has not been categorized as such by a state agency, misunderstanding on the buyer’s part over qualities and features of a specific model, make or year of a part, having a part break due to wear and tear from previous use, and not noticing disclosures in a listing won’t be covered by the program. Determining the suitability and conditions of a motorsports part purchase is up to buyers, while Buyers Protection protects them in cases in which the seller has engaged in wrongdoing or supplied misinformation.


Do your due diligence so you don’t make poor buying decisions. Otherwise, you risk receiving a part that is not quite what you expected.

The eBay marketplace offers buyer protection that makes buyers feel comfortable. It has grown to become a trusted source, but it is often cheaper to buy from trusted sources that offer the same type of buyer protection because there are no eBay fees included in the price. MX PowerPlay is one of the trusted sources that specialize in selling parts for off-road recreational vehicles. From neck braces, tank tops, rain gear, knee braces, half helmets, race suits, and armored shorts, our parts, accessories, and gear are of the utmost value and quality, while most of our orders are sent the very same day the order is placed. Thanks to our fast shipping, you will never miss a ride.

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